WriYe Blogging Circle | Year In Review

The year is almost over. So, sum up your year of writing. Did you met your goals? Are you satisfied with how your year went? Let us know!

2017 started fairly well, despite the rough end to 2016, with words coming steadily until the end of April. A motorbike accident resulted in a broken wrist and me being in plaster for seven weeks. I couldn’t write or crochet. Man, I was bored!

Even once the plaster was off, I had to be careful how much I typed at any one time. Then I wrecked my back. Honestly, this year had been full of personal disasters!

So, no; I have not met my goals. Nor am I particularly satisfied with how things went, but it is what it is. I can’t go back and not have the accident (I wish!) and wishing the year had gone differently won’t make it so. Best thing is to accept what happened, draw a line under it all, and move on.

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