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What does genre mean to you? Do you have a “home” genre? Or are you a genre hopper and are comfortable in just about any one?

Genre is, officially, the categorisation of books, but really it goes much deeper than that. Sure, having a book labelled as “romance” or “science fiction” means it goes on a certain shelf at Waterstones, but to the person picking that book up? Genre comes with rules. Break them and you’ll be sorry.

For instance, my “home” genre is romance. I tend to write in the sub-genre of sci fi romance, but it’s the romance rules that I follow. THE rule you have to stick to in romance is the Happy Ending. Without that, you’ve written a love story, which is fine, as long as it’s pitched as that. Pitch it as a romance and deny readers that feel good factor? Not a good idea.

I write romance because, despite a pretence at otherwise, I’m a die-hard romantic. There’s nothing better than writing characters who are polar-opposites and yet manage fall in love. Often with a lot of bickering along the way, but that’s even better!

Do you read the same genre you write? If yes, why? And if no, why not?

Hell yes! Romance is the best thing. It can be light and fluffy or dark and dramatic, but you’re guaranteed that everything works out in the end. I like that. It’s hopeful, and God knows we need hopeful right now.

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