SFR Brigade Showcase | September

It’s been an age since I took part in the SFR Brigade Showcase, and the first time doing so here. I’ll try not to make it my last, but I’m a scatterbrain and one month sliding into another doesn’t always register in the ways it ought.

Anyway, Showcase. Who wants a snippet? I’m not sure why I’m asking, because there’s no other option – a snippet is what you’re going to get. So there.

Snippet in question is from my very rough, very in-progress, untitled steampunk-ish fantasy romance because the document is open right now. The story follows Rhiannon, a Sister of the Mother Goddess, who is ordained to be the Witch Adviser ofย Duke Elric. Her mission is to end his reign and restore the religion he’s abandoned. However, the following snippet is where she sees him for the first time, and rather sets the tone (spoiler: things don’t go to plan.)

Morning light streamed through the eastern windows and caught in the gems worn by both the men and women courting Elric’s favour. Most were dressed in the latest fashion – the women tightly corseted with wide skirts and their hair piled high on their heads, the men in long coats over tailored britches and knee-length boots.

Pressed against the far wall, Rhiannon watched their over-animated conversations and listened to peals of exaggerated laughter. They reminded of the peacocks in the gardens in their obvious attempts to gain the duke’s attention. She sighed to herself at how ridiculous they were.

As she moved along the edge of the room, her gaze was drawn to the flurry of activity around the main table. Even though she had not seen Elric except in passing, she knew him the moment her eyes lit on him. There was an aura of power around him that was only partially to do with his magic. It caught and drew one to him, as evidenced by the hangers-on gathered around.

His eyes were as blue and cool as a winter sky. Dark hair swept back from a high forehead and a short beard framed a mouth that seemed permanently twisted in a sardonic smile. The velvet coat he wore was unadorned and stuck Rhiannon as quite severe. Yet it suited him more than she imagined a more fashionable one would.

The thought startled her and she shook her head. Orlagh had warned her of his magnetism, but it was one thing hearing of it; experiencing it was very different indeed. She would have to guard against it better.

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