Of Botches And Back Ups

So the other day I had the fabulous idea of adding a fiction database to my website, with the idea that I’d write short stories and upload them. Good, huh? However, said database meant adding a second to my hosting, which is where things went wrong.

Excited by the idea, I charged in and made changes, without backing anything up. There were two databases listed. I assumed which one was running WordPress and deleted the other. I guessed wrong. Trying to log on, I got an error page… and a dreadful sinking sensation in my stomach. I checked the FTP and yeah, everything was gone.

I immediately reinstalled WordPress and began to rebuild. I’d written the Doctor Who special reaction post in OpenOffice, so to get that online was just a case of grabbing the graphic off canva, then copy and pasting the text. But that was one post, meaning the blog looked a little… naked. Thankfully, though I’d no back up of misaffection.uk, I do still have the wordpress.com one. I exported that and uploaded it here to fill things out a little.

Then it was a case of making everything look close to what it had done. I still need to write out my about page and put the FAQs back up, but at least the bones are here. I have decided, fingers thoroughly burnt, not to put up a fiction database. I’ll post shorts under a category or something.

And I have made an early resolution to back up my website once a month.