MFRW Blog Challenge | Week 2

My Earliest Memory

Getting Sam. I was about five years old, and I recall this tiny ball of white and black fluff. Sam was my Dad’s. He was a border collie and the gentlest dog on to ever dog. I’d a younger brother, and the pair of us must have made his life a misery when we were little. But he never bit, never snapped. I don’t even remember him growling.

We lived on a dead-end street with virtually no traffic. Sam would spend summer days lazing right in the middle. I guess the tarmac was nice and warm.

Being a collie, you could walk him for miles and he’d still want a trip up the hill. He caught balls like a champion. We’d go out on our bikes and he’d be right there, running alongside.

In 1985, when I was 13, my Dad came back looking concerned. Sam had had a fit. A month later, he had another one. They kept coming, and they got closer. Lasted longer. His eyes would roll back and he’d collapse, stiff as a board. It was an awful thing to witness. Eventually, on a Saturday, my Dad took Sam to the vet.

Sam didn’t come back.

He’d lesions on his brain. There was nothing the vet could do, except the kindness, hardest thing. I cried like a baby, even though I understood why. But Sam was a good dog. The best. And I still miss him.

MFRW Blog Challenge | Week 1

Favourite Thing I’ve Written (and Why)

TIN CAT’s original cover

Hands down, TIN CAT. It’s the story of a woman who happens to be disabled, but it’s not about disability. It’s about geeks and fandom and how you can choose your family.

Amber runs a comic book store. Her clients are her closest friends. When she gets in the accident that results in her being in a wheelchair, her friends keep the shop running while she’s in hospital. Then she finds a cat in the alleyway and her life changes.

TIN CAT is geeky. Fandom references abound. Amber’s best friend calls Hunter (the MC) “Blade” due to his preference for leather. The cat is called Cat because Amber’s watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s once-to-often but she can get away with it because of Red Dwarf. The title is a take on Doctor Who’s K9, referenced to in School Reunion as the tin dog.

The SFR Brigade gave TIN CAT the “Most Geeky Award”, and it’s a badge it wore with pride.

I absolutely love this book, and I really need to re-release it.