IWSG | September

Hello and welcome to my first Insecure Writers’ Support Group post!

A little about me: I’m a published author of speculative fiction romance, and winner of a PRISM and a SFR Galaxy Award. Which is enough reason to be perfectly secure, yet I’m not.

Partly because I don’t think writers are terribly secure as a rule, but also because depression lies. Especially about your self worth. It erodes your confidence.

My last story published was back in 2015. Writing has been sporadic since. 2016 was a year from hell. I’m slowly, slowly learning to write again.

Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in?

ARCHANGEL surprised me repeatedly. I started writing it for Script Frenzy, with a single scene in my head. And it just poured out. There was no outline, barely any plotting, just a character that I’d partly stole. Gabe turned out to be one of the gobbiest characters I’ve ever shared my head with!

I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable writing ARCHANGEL as it was my first venture into urban fantasy. It’s a modern day story (as opposed to faux Victorian or space-based) and it’s set in L.A.: somewhere I’ve been once for the sum of a weekend. All praise Google Maps for helping me out massively. Something must have gone right, though, because ARCHANGEL ┬áis the novella I won a PRISM for…

But writing often surprises me. That’s to do with pantsing and having no real idea what I’m writing. A dear, departed friend called it “organic writing.” I’m not sure that’s a real term, but it suffices.