Misa Buckley with the TardisMisa was born September 1973, in Manchester, UK. She was the third of four children, having two older sisters and a younger brother. Raised on a diet of Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Space Shuttle launches, she was fascinated by the stars and other worlds.

She began¬†writing in 2004, dabbling in other peoples’ sci fi universes before branching out to creating her own. An adolescence spent reading Harlequin novels means she prefers blending romance and sci fi to create sexy stories set in space.

Her novellas have won awards – a SFR Galaxy Award for TIN CAT in 2014 and the PRISM Best Novella Award for ARCHANGEL in 2015.

When she’s not writing, she can be found reading romance or crocheting. She lives in Bolton, UK, with her husband and teenage children.